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Drones for Marketing and Events


We provide drone media for corporate and private marketing and events

Cost saving
Drones are an extremely versatile tool, as useful at ground level as in the air. Capable of providing the kind of shots traditionally requiring equipment and setup time that can eat heavily into budgets even for the simplest of scenes - and thats if the shot is even feasable with traditional equipment such as manned helicopters, cranes, jibs, dollies, tracks etc.

They are a great combination filming tool that can provide low or high level stable tracking, panning, orbit and reveal shots plus a multitude of  custom combination shots quickly and easily without having to lay tracks, erect cranes or towers etc.  
They can easily transition to different areas on location with minimum disruption and lost time.    

Unlike manned helicopters, they are economical enough to be on standby throughout the day, ready to go at short notice when that crucial shot or scene is required. 

Smaller drones with the addition of safety features such as propellor guards can be flown indoors to reach inaccessable areas such as high ceilings, atriums, stairwells etc for top down viewpoints and at ground level for smooth footage when other heavier equipment installation is impractical or prohibited.

A camera anywhere
For stills or video, we can now place the camera in the air exactly where it's needed to get the shot, and move that camera smoothly and gracefully to obtain sequences and scenes to show your venue, property, scene or event in a truly spectacular and memorable manner.

Whether it's at the corner of a stadium rooftop looking down, panning across a venue where soft ground, trees or overgrown areas can often present challenges for other methods,  placing the camera over an otherwise inacessable or difficult location, or taking high level stills or video for social or corporate events, the possibilities are intriguing!

Night Flights
You may assume that night time flights and cameras do not go well together, however the lighting on a structure, building, vessel, vehicle or even the street can produce an amazing view that can be quite mesmerising when photographed or filmed the right way.  

Lighting can be subtle or dramatic and can add a whole new character to a subject when filmed at night.  

The warm glow of lighting from the windows and partially open door of a building for instance can produce an attractive inviting warm view that presents a hotel or property for sale in a whole new way.

Dramatic lighting from within or on the exterior of a nightspot or a building can set a vibrant tone to present a popular and exciting venue.

Some of the most dramatic urban landscape and progress construction photographs and video have been obtained at night or in low light.