Drones for Insurance

From a wall or roof to an entire building or estate, drones are an extremely useful tool for the insurance industry, enhancing the assessment and claims workflow with improved,  accurate information.


Risk Assessment

A drone can provide an insurance estimator with the means to visually assess a large or small area rapidly with no requirement to leave the ground (or even the office).

This allows more accurate identification of true risk, providing the insurer with the means to :-

  • Issue a more competitive quote based on a specific risk
  • Justify a higher premium where higher risk has been identified
  • Advise on risk reduction based upon identified hazards


Loss Assessment

Similarly a drone can provide an insurance inspector with the means to visually assess a large or small area just as easily, providing the insurer with the means to :-

  1. Rapidly and accurately assess damage
  2. Reach a claim 'reject or accept' decision more quickly
  3. Commence remedial work more quickly, reducing further damage
  4. Significantly reduce the 'Business Interruption' element of a claim
  5. Prioritise assessment in the event of multiple claim events


Accident scenes

Following an accident or incident, a drone can record the positioning of vehicles, structures, poles, cables etc. to aid in determining liability and extent of damage.

This can be undertaken at night for adequately lit scenes.


Remote Assessment at your desk

The quality of images that can be obtained using a drone means that it is entirely feasible to assign a pilot with a drone to go onsite for you and obtain the images /video / 3d model to be sent electronically to you for review at your desk. 

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Cross team collaboration

The collected data can be hosted and viewed on a cloud based system, providing collaboration for all relevant parties, Insurers, inspectors, contractors etc.



Extreme hazards
In the case of inspections after severe building or roof damage, a drone is a particularly useful method for initial assessment as visual inspection in such a hazardous location can be made safely from a distance without risk from a fall or from falling debris.



Incident investigation
The imagery obtained can be used for any subsequent incident investigation where the initial visual inspection may be the only opportunity to obtain a record before deterioration of the scene and loss of crucial information. 


Easy visualisation

3d Models or stitched photos can provide an easy way to view an area such as a roof or wall for defects or damage.

This is an example of a wall inspection captured and created with DroneDeploy, one of the systems we use to capture aerial images (DroneDeploy library model) 

The area of interest is the wall between the lower and higher roof levels.


 Click the image above to load and use the 3D model
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If you cannot load the 3D model on your device, please view this video instead
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