Mavic Restricted NFZ unlock - Flight issues!

We have observed a behaviour on the Mavic restricted NFZ unlock process that needs to be understood more thoroughly.

Once a mavic is unlocked for a restricted NFZ via a request to DJI, it is limited to flight only in the unlocked area.  The mavic will be prevented from taking off outside the restricted NFZ unlock area until the unlock is first manually switched back to non NFZ  mode in the DJI Go 4 App.

During flight, a warning will be displayed when approaching the perimeter of the unlocked area.  Upon reaching the perimeter,  the Mavic may be forced to land.

If an unlock is applied in a restricted zone and the Mavic is later transported to an area with no NFZ restrictions, it cannot be flown until it is manually switched back to non NFZ mode.

This also raises questions about drone behaviour during flights that cross the border of a Restricted (Red) NFZ and an adjacent unrestricted area.

A flight commencing in a red NFZ and transitioning across the NFZ perimeter into an unrestricted area could possibly result in an unwanted forced landing,

This behaviour was not observed in the older DJI Go Apps used with the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Pro both of which can fly without requiring a manual switch back to non NFZ mode.