New Drone Laws announced for UK

Laws will restrict drones from flying above 400 feet and within 1 kilometre of airport boundaries.

  • government is introducing height limits to help make sure drones are used safely as the sector grows
  • limits around airports are being tightened up with new restrictions to prevent drones from causing harm
  • owners will have to register their drones and take online safety tests to improve accountability

If you own a drone weighing more than 250 grammes you will have to register it and take online training and an online test to prove you understand the regulations around drone flights in the Uk.

This affects hobby drone flyers.

As commercial drone flyers, we already comply with more stringent requirements.  It's not clear at this time if we will also need to take the this online training and test + drone registration.

We go through classroom training on air safety, weather, human factors, air navigation charts,  mission planning, air law and much more.

We then sit an exam to test our knowledge of the classroom tuition.

Upon successful completion of the exam, we spend a considerable amount of time on preparing a document that we will work to, an "Operations Manual". This is often the most time consuming and difficult part of the process as we have to consider all aspects of flying a drone in public places. (To give you some idea, our own Operations manual has 70 pages).

Once the Operations manual is scrutinised by our training organisation, and accepted, we take a flight test to ensure we can fly proficiently, safely and to the conditions laid out in our operations manual.

We are then issued with a qualification certificate from the training organisation to prove that we have the competency to fly a drone safely in UK airspace. 

Finally, we submit our Qualification certificate, Operations manual, proof of insurance and details of each drone to the CAA and wait for our Permission for Commercial Operations to be issued.  This is valid for one year and is therefore renewed annually after a CAA review.

If we add a drone to the fleet, we can currently just add it to the operations manual and it is notified to the CAA when they review our operations manual.

It may be the case that we will need to register drones as they come into service.

We await further guidance on this..

The DFT notice is here




Waypoints in Restricted NFZ's

Following reports that Geo Fencing disabled waypoints in unlocked Restricted NFZ's we did some testing:

Results summary:-
Phantom 3 Professional waypoints worked seamlessly.
Mavic waypoints worked seamlessly except for DroneDeploy which required DJI login first.
Inspire 1 Pro waypoints did not work at all.