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Tel:  07956 431 031


We fly cameras on our drones . . .

. . . to produce aerial photography and video for :-

  • Construction

  • Property

  • Marketing

  • Media

  • TV News

  • Venues

  • Education

  • Small business

  • Corporate Media

  • Corporate Events

  • Community Events

  • Local Authorities

We can fly in congested urban areas, indoors and at night

Based near London Heathrow airport, we are experienced in flying drones safely and efficiently in busy airspace.

We operate several drones carrying various cameras.
The camera used depends on client requirements.

We use small lightweight drones with on-board cameras for mapping, modelling, inspections, 4K video and general drone aerial photography. 

For large print or long distance aerial photography we fly larger drones carrying DSLR type cameras with a range of lenses.


Our Varied Drone assignments

Our main focus is on construction and property work, but we also undertake other tasks.

Here are just some examples of the assignments we have undertaken.


General Construction:

SkyHeld Cameras have undertaken high and low level general view and inspection flights for stills and video on numerous construction sites, providing imagery for a range of site types in rural and urban (congested area) environments.

We regularly receive very positive feedback regarding our on site implementation of our safety management procedures from the safety officers we engage with across a range of clients.

Energy Sector

Recycling & Power Generation
SkyHeld cameras were referred to a global waste management specialist contracted to build and operate a renewable energy recycling centre and power station for a County local authority.

Following a meeting with the site safety officer and site management where we went through our risk assessment procedures, discussed our safety management system and demonstrated one of our larger drones in action, we were contracted for a series of flights over the term of the project to provide still images and video.  The images are used to produce prints up to A0 size for use across the project. We also produced a sitewide virtual 3D model of the central construction site and outlying ground areas to provide dynamic interactive views of the site from any desired height and viewpoint. 
SkyHeld cameras continues to support this project.

Power Generation
SkyHeld cameras were contracted by a European firm specialising in power station construction to provide an aerial video of a recently completed biomass power station. 

A fast turnaround was required for this assignment.  With terms agreed quickly, we completed all our usual pre site safety checks and notifications same day and placed a team onsite early next day to ensure that there was time to go through site induction and site survey/risk assessment without impacting too much on flying time.

Working closely with on site management to determine precise sequences and views required, the team completed filming and delivered the draft edit the following day, followed up next day with the final edit after client feedback.

From first enquiry on Tuesday to delivery of the completed aerial video on Friday this was a busy and interesting project for our team to work on.

Media Events

Broadcast News (Sports)
As part of the build up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, SkyHeld Cameras were contracted at short notice by a national news broadcaster to attend a TeamGB media event to obtain drone footage of the GB rowing teams in training prior to their medal winning success in Rio.

Contending with impending heavy rain showers, gusting winds and a looming evening news broadcast deadline our drone team obtained some great aerial footage of the teams on the water, some of which was used for transmission on the 6pm evening news with other footage used later in the year for scheduled olympic coverage.


Broadcast News (General)
SkyHeld Cameras were pleased to provide support to another Drone Service Provider with a mandatory second pilot requirement for a major media event at Thorpe Park. This was for the 200th year anniversary of the very first Rollercoaster.

Working in collaboration with a film crew in a crane lifted cage, the task was to obtain drone footage of a specialist climbing crew ascending 200ft to the top of 'Stealth'  (Thorpe Park's iconic vertical rollercoaster) where they undertook some maintenance work and then celebrated the anniversary with cake and just a sip of champagne before descending to firm ground. 

Drone footage obtained was aired on national and regional TV news and published extensively in print and online.

Thorpe park's stringent safety policies required the attendance of two qualified drone pilots to ensure enhanced safety coverage for this drone operation in close proximity to Stealth and the climbing team.    


Corporate Sponsorship Event
A global brand photographer required high and low level drone images for a corporate sponsorhip event.  
The event was time critical, on a busy business campus.

The drone team liaised with site facilities management and security to minimise disruption due to necessary site access road closure for safety reasons during drone flights.  With careful preparation of the area beforehand, two short flights were undertaken,  enabling swift reopening of the campus roads within 10 minutes of closure,  ensuring minimal disruption to site traffic.

Land photography and Planning Applications

Land photography
A local authority needed to obtain high level aerial images of a rural plot of land prior to a decision on best use.
SkyHeld Cameras was contracted to provide high resolution images and video, enabling the authority to assess a number of strategies and decide on a best use policy.


Planning Applications
A household name manufacturer had an ongoing project to update manufacturing facilities at one of their largest premises in an inner city location.  Skyline impact was one of the considerations to be assessed by local authority planning officers.  

SkyHeld Cameras were contracted to obtain images from a number of locations in the vicinity to view the premesis as would be seen from various locations and heights.

 Images we provided were overlaid with 3D representations of the proposed building changes and included within the application which was subsequently approved by the local authority.